mercredi 1 avril 2015

New fakes of Maurice Boitel's pictures

Better and better regarding forgery.

Two Maurice Boitel's watercolors representing the old town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, which were exposed under glass in the castle-museum of this city  in 2010 and which are reproduced on the site " Maurice, un peintre, un siècle (a painter a century) ", column "virtual gallery" (galerie virtuelle) (tab " by themes "), were copied without any right nor authorization and the copies are sold on the site:

Maurice Boitel 1919-2007, "Rue du Puits d'Amour" (Well of love street) " Maurice Boitel

Maurice Boitel 1919-2007 Watercolour "Rue du Puits d'Amour" and "Le beffroi de Boulogne" (Boulogne belfrey).
Nowhere is added in front of the signature the terms "according to" or "from" indicating that it is about a copy made from an electronic image.
According to the law, the forger, the saler and the receiver are punished  by jail and fines.